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Summer Sautee

This is pretty standard sautee, but it may be a useful idea for folks who haven't used the patty-pans or are interested in those cute little shrooms.

Here we begin with fingerling potatoes, chopped up as so. Meanwhile we're heating the oil. Throw the potatoes in, then get on cutting the pepper, add that a bit after the potatoes. Let those potatoes get a good head start.

Some say get the oil real hot to begin and work on crusting the edges up, not stirring too much so the molecules can change into that crispiness. Others say to leave the oil low first, and sort of steam them in oil to soften them before blasting the heat. The perfect home-fry is an ongoing debate I know I'm not alone in.
I just used one red pepper in this.

The next to be chopped will be the patty-pans, cubed them a bit bigger than the potatoes, just take off the top and bottom nubs, no need to skin them!

This is garlic and one of them Cipollini onions from Big Train Farm. I keep them seperate just for timing with the cooking. I saved the green tops for close to the end. I usually put in some garlic early, and some right at then end to get a near-raw burst.

We have been getting these little packs of "Shimeji" mushrooms that are on a little vermiculite base of some sort. I just ripped it in half to keep the balance right in this dish, a lot of veg for just me and my son!

Meanwhile I've thrown in the patty-pans and been cooking them while chopping. Here is the image of how the shrooms are cut, you can figure that out. They actually ended up being Max' favorite thing in the whole dish, he picked all them out!

Here is a sautee photo to just give you a clue about what you are going for. Key element is cutting everything to a proper size so it maintains it's form, cooks through, and absorbs oil, if you like that thing.

I'm just using olive oil because I love it so. The part you need to feel out is timing. It is the most important part of this dish. Cook everything just enough so it doesn't seem raw, not much more than that, other than that crisp potato effect.

Eat Up! I paired it with some F & M Fermented cole slaw and spicy turnips.
Throughout the cooking, I probably added salt just a bit at the beginning, and this meal tastes great without any seasoning really.. the patty-pans are delicious and the mushrooms take in a lot of flavor from the oil and alliums.
A great meal for about 8 bucks if you use fingerling potatoes (they cut down prep time, increase price).


  1. Fingerling Potatoes
  2. Red Pepper
  3. Patty-Pan Squash (Wishing Stone Farm, organic)
  4. Garlic
  5. Cipollini Onion (Big Train Farm, organic)
  6. Shimeji Mushrooms
  7. Olive Oil

Side of F & M Fermented & Yacht Club Soda.
All ingredients available at Fertile Underground Grocery.


To provide reliable and ethical income, we organize as a worker-cooperative, in which each member is directly involved.


Many areas of Providence do not have proper access to fresh produce on a regular basis. We plan to bring fresh vegetables on the road directly to places where they are needed.


Our Cafe is open for Breakfast & Lunch serving fresh and healthy food.


The Fertile Underground consists of a variety of skilled tradesfolk, from landscapers to carpenters, muralists to yoga experts, snow-plows to make-up artists.


In Our Communal Garden everyone who shares the work, shares the harvest. No individual squares, but rather a cohesive small farm. From "under-utilized" lots to urban homesteads.


The Fertile Underground are adapting the CSA model to work in a new way, something we call Community Supported Grocery.
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