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Hot Cheese and Greens November 13, 2012 - Michael

Sweet Mash with Eggplant September 12, 2012 - Michael

Summer Sautee July 30, 2012 - Michael

Grilled Pizza with Pesto Butter, Rstd Garlic, Mozz, & Red Onions - David


To provide reliable and ethical income, we organize as a worker-cooperative, in which each member is directly involved.


Many areas of Providence do not have proper access to fresh produce on a regular basis. We plan to bring fresh vegetables on the road directly to places where they are needed.


Our Cafe is open for Breakfast & Lunch serving fresh and healthy food.


The Fertile Underground consists of a variety of skilled tradesfolk, from landscapers to carpenters, muralists to yoga experts, snow-plows to make-up artists.


In Our Communal Garden everyone who shares the work, shares the harvest. No individual squares, but rather a cohesive small farm. From "under-utilized" lots to urban homesteads.


The Fertile Underground are adapting the CSA model to work in a new way, something we call Community Supported Grocery.
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