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Fertile Underground Natural Cooperative are here to grow the great future, beating swords into plowshares, cultivating “leftover” urban land into vigorous and bio-diverse gardens & human sanctuaries. We are here to begin the work of replacing wasteful energy systems with regenerative ones, to stimulate human-scale transport systems, and to wean our culture from a diet of environmental destruction & consumerism onto one of joy in creation and all-that-is.

We are here to work for those things we dream about. We will build stable jobs that can support a family. Our work will be done pragmatically and without the waste associated with the fast pace of modern America. We will maximize the fertility of land by cooperating with nature, and bring forth abundance in accord with the bountiful offerings from our worldly environment.

We will respect our fellow workers by operating with integrity and fair business practice. We are respectful of the true equal bond of all beings, and our need for cooperation as a higher form of survival.

Fertile Underground began working together to reconnect with nature and work to strengthen our community, most notably against the dangers of frankenfoods, and the perilous nature of long-distance food supplies and peak energy. The most basic way of addressing these issues was to begin growing food, which is just what happened.

After two years of growing together and creating a garden, some core members decided that this work should become their life’s work, and undertook a new food venture to create a working lifestyle to sustain that. The spirit of shared ownership & control was most ably reflected in the structures of the Worker-Cooperatives that exist around the world. Forming the Fertile Underground Natural Cooperative, the group adapted many of their successful processes, learned new ones, and began their path toward an equitable workplace, and stronger economic stability through shared resources.


To provide reliable and ethical income, we organize as a worker-cooperative, in which each member is directly involved.


Many areas of Providence do not have proper access to fresh produce on a regular basis. We plan to bring fresh vegetables on the road directly to places where they are needed.


Our Cafe is open for Breakfast & Lunch serving fresh and healthy food.


The Fertile Underground consists of a variety of skilled tradesfolk, from landscapers to carpenters, muralists to yoga experts, snow-plows to make-up artists.


In Our Communal Garden everyone who shares the work, shares the harvest. No individual squares, but rather a cohesive small farm. From "under-utilized" lots to urban homesteads.


The Fertile Underground are adapting the CSA model to work in a new way, something we call Community Supported Grocery.
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